Our web design services focus on creativity driven by our clients. You will work with an experienced Auckland design team skilled in user experience, user interface and graphic design to create a website that suits your vision. Every aspect of the web design process is flexible and can work to meet the needs of self-employed individuals, small businesses or large organisations.

The Gherkin Media web design team will be involved in your project from the very early stages of development. We love to communicate visually through sketches, design concepts and prototypes. You'll remain in constant contact with our web designers who will ask for input and feedback at various stages during the process. Questions are encouraged and we know that you'll love the web design process as much as we do.

We even offer a no obligation home page design to get things started. Let us create and pitch the initial concept without any commitment so you can see what your website will look like. How cool is that?

At Gherkin Media, our web design process is closely
aligned with our web development process. This ensures
that your chosen web design is fully realised.


Our web development services focus on creating the ultimate customer experience at the back end of your site. Both our design and development teams work very close together to ensure a beautiful end result that meets every goal and website that works just as it's supposed to.

Website development involves everything from the way you manage content on your site to integral systems like online shopping functionality, registration and login systems, site navigation and everything else that keeps the site running. Because our web design and development teams work so closely together, we're able to create more functional, faster and sleeker websites that break moulds and push boundaries.


We know you don't want to deal with multiple companies for design, development and hosting, so we can take care of that for you too. Gherkin web hosting packages that we offer are able to cater for your site at any size and whatever level of traffic. We'll set you up with company emails and make sure that you're completely set up to start doing business online. Having us host your site also means we'll be keeping an eye on how things are running, ensuring that you're available to users.

Motion Graphics

We can even take care of your motion graphic needs at Gherkin Media, creating immersive experiences and attention grabbing designs to be included on your website or other online project. Motion graphics are an incredible way to add to your site and our team can create relevant and stylish pieces that fit into your website. From complex videos to simple additions to how your navigation works or text and title animations, there are numerous ways that motion graphics can be incorporated into your web design project.

Don't Let Your NZ Business Sour

Get in touch with us at Gherkin Media to discuss your web project today, find out more about Gherkin, our latest news and see examples of some of the work that we have done. Let us design the perfect website to suit your company's vision and break free from the limitations of the 9 to 5 with Gherkin Media.